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Aveda Essential Oils

The long, lazy days of summer are almost over. For many of us, the hectic beginning of the school year comes with added pressure and a full schedule. It’s daunting enough to care for the other people in your life, let alone practice self-care.

But we know that you deserve better. That’s why Aveda has released our line of essential oils. Make time for yourself with our 100% naturally derived oils, with a skin-safe coconut oil base. Aveda essential oils help you stay relaxed and focused, no matter what life throws at you.

Carve out your “me” time with minimal fuss using our essential oils.


Self-care with Aveda essential oils

The right essential oil for you will depend on your needs. Some oils, like vanilla and lavender, have a calming effect. Others, like tangerine and peppermint, help you feel more alert and focused.

Check out these essential oils and their benefits to find the blend for you:

  • Patchouli: This oil smells like you’re in the middle of the woods after a fresh rain. The aroma has a calming effect, and, in a pinch, you can even use it as a bug repellent.
  • Peppermint: This oil is ideal for feeling fresh and alert. It pairs well with lavender for a combined calm-yet-alert effect on the body.
  • Eucalyptus: It’s not just for koalas! Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing scent with menthol undertones. If you need to wake up fast, this is the oil for you.
  • Lavender: Famous for its relaxing properties, lavender’s herbaceous scent makes you feel like you’re curled up inside a warm blanket.
  • Tangerine: Famous as an early-morning booster, tangerine oil is juicy and full of sunny citrus notes.
  • Bergamot: Need a little cheer? Bergamot’s bright citrus aroma is a delicate and beautiful pick-me-up.
  • Vanilla: Who doesn’t love the smell of warm vanilla? Bring comfort to your senses with this sweet, calming oil.

Not sure how to use essential oils? Check out these fun ways you can integrate Aveda essential oils into your routine for luxury and relaxation.


DIY perfume

Not feeling that store bought perfume? Combine two or more essential oils into a custom fragrance that works for your body. Add a few drops on your wrists in the morning for scent that lasts hours.


Luxurious bath soak

You might not have time to hit the spa, but you probably have time for a hot bath. No matter whether you’re soaking for an hour or fifteen minutes, add a few essential oils to your bath for a luxurious experience.


Sleep aid

Having trouble sleeping? Apply lavender and patchouli oil to your wrists or to the top of your forehead to fall asleep quickly.


Good hair day

For a subtle pop of scent, run a few drops of essential oil through your hair in the morning. Remember that essential oils are still oil, so go easy when you’re applying it!



Sometimes we just need help relaxing. Put essential oils on your wrists or in a diffuser for immediate relaxation, whether you’re working on a deadline or you’re about to go to yoga class.


No matter how you do essential oils, they’re a fantastic and quick way to care for yourself. Pick up your oils now for a fun, relaxing, and luxurious addition to your daily routine.



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