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Every Once In Awhile, Blow Your Own Mind

You’re standing in the bathroom looking at yourself in the mirror, brushing your hair, thinking about the day ahead when all of a sudden – IS THAT A GREY HAIR? Yep. You see it. Your first grey hair. You immediately panic and try to remember how old you really are.


But wait! What if we told you that grey hair is actually in style right now? Yes, you heard that right. People of all ages are going grey. It’s 2018, the days of grey hair being age-dependent is over.




“I enjoyed rocking my grey hair color because it’s a trendy neural! This enables me to wear any lip color I want.”

Victoria Rook, 19, Receptionist at The Village Spa






You’re getting ready for a big night out, you just recently got a promotion at work, you’re feeling confident and excited for the future. You look at yourself in the mirror and suddenly think – what would I look like with my natural grey hair?



For most women, deciding whether or not to go naturally grey can be a struggle. If you have been debating on this, there is no better time than now! Letting your grey grow out is a huge physical change and can also be a great internal change as well. It’s the start of something new: being confident with the natural you.




“Having had color on my hair since my early 20’s, and seeing all the grey regrowth for many years, I started to notice the ‘grey trend.’ I figured it was the perfect time to see how grey I was. The process was much easier than I anticipated & have been pleasantly surprised! I was insecure at first but get compliments from complete strangers and am growing more confident in my new look! Also, growing old is not for sissies! Haha!”

Connie Wood, 62, Receptionist at The Village Spa



Regardless the age, regardless the reason, going grey has never been a better option than right now. Embrace your inner beauty. Let your grey hair shine while it’s still in season and the skies are still grey!




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