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Hands Up For A Cure

Fall means so many wonderful things: cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, changing leaves, the holiday season. However, the changing seasons and harsh cold winds can wreak havoc on your skin. That goes double for the delicate skin on your hands. Your palms can get inflamed in the cool weather, even if you eat right and stay hydrated.

Fortunately, scratchy, rough hands are so last season with the latest limited-edition product from Aveda. Say “Bye Felicia” to scaly patches and itchy palms with Aveda hand relief.

Oh, and did we mention that every $5 of the purchase price for Aveda hand relief goes towards breast cancer research funding? That’s right: you can keep your hands lusciously smooth while raising funds for cancer research.


Hands up for a cure

You don’t have to settle for anything less than smooth, silky hands.

We curated the best natural extracts and essences for a fresh, floral scent. Aveda hand relief’s Shampure aroma is designed to soothe your skin and your mind. This light scent is made from 25 flower and plant essences for ultimate relaxation. Certified Organic lavender, petitgrain, and ylang ylang make for a warm yet floral scent that’s perfect for fall.

But we know you need more than just a fantastic fragrance. You need a hand creme that keeps up with your busy life. Whether you’re typing at the computer all day, picking your kids up from school, or hiking across a mountain, Aveda hand relief keeps your hands in tip-top shape.

Aveda hand relief is a deeply moisturizing creme that leaves hands noticeably soft and smooth. It’s softness you can count on. Hand relief lasts for up to three hand washes, ensuring your skin is protected for hours. Don’t fuss with reapplying every time you wash your hands; you have better things to do with your time!

What’s the secret to this moisturizing powerhouse? Aveda hand relief contains ultra-hydrating ingredients, like andiroba oil, that seal in moisture and softness.

Aveda hand relief is about more than your hands. We’ve rolled out this limited-edition product during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to spread hope. This product is helping us get one step closer to a cure for breast cancer.

For every bottle of Aveda hand relief that’s sold, $5 of the purchase price goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF uses these funds to investigate environmental causes to breast cancer. They conduct research that we can be proud of: Aveda supports the BCRF mission to conduct cruelty-free testing on human volunteers only.

Thanks to your support, Aveda has been able to donate over $4.25 million to BCRF since 2001. Will you join us in our fight?


The bottom line

There’s nothing wrong with pampering your hands. Aveda’s hand relief creme keeps you looking fabulous while spreading more good in the world. This October, lend a helping hand to your skin, the planet, and breast cancer awareness.