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Nurture Your Sole: 5 Benefits of a Winter Pedicure

As winter is making its debut, it’s time to throw on some thick socks and snuggle under blankets with a hot cup of tea. We hear many clients say, “I’ll see you next spring!” once winter comes around. But guess what? Your feet need year-round attention with a quality pedicure. Why?


Here are five reasons you should get a winter pedicure.


1. Avoid ‘crusty foot syndrome

What is ‘crusty foot syndrome,’ you ask?


Well, we made it up, but it feels like a real condition. Have you ever noticed how the cold winter air causes dry skin? If it’s drying out your hands, you know it’s drying out your neglected feet. ‘Crusty foot syndrome’ is when your feet and toes take on a ‘crusty’ appearance that’s both unattractive and painful.

Forgoing your winter pedicure allows dead skin to accumulate, giving your foot an ashy or crusty appearance. Yuck! Just because your piggies are covered up with stockings and boots doesn’t mean you should settle for less-than-pretty feet.


2. Prevent ingrown nails

Believe it or not, your regular pedicure can actually prevent annoying health problems, like ingrown nails. Your favorite pair of winter boots can actually put pressure on your toenails. This forces the nail to grow differently and usually causes ingrown nails. Ouch! See your salon pro to maintain nail health.


3. Monitor and maintain your health

Your toenails can say a lot about your health. If you don’t regularly change your polish, it’s likely you could miss out on important health clues. Icky problems, like fungus, might be left unnoticed and untreated, leading to bigger issues down the road.

Winter pedicures also remove dead skin that leads to painful cracked heels. Don’t spend hours rubbing your feet with a pumice stone; come see a beauty professional to pamper and care for your feet in style.


4. Look cute!

It’s basically a scientific fact that a pedicure makes you feel like a princess. Why deprive yourself of something that you enjoy? Self-care is an important practice, especially during gloomy winter months. Ditch the cold-weather blues and feel sexy, no matter the time of year. Strut your confidence with a pedicure that makes you feel like a million bucks.


5. Relax

Let’s admit it: you kinda like getting a calf massage during a pedicure. Even though it’s winter, life doesn’t slow down. In fact, it speeds up, with the smattering of family gatherings and holidays on your calendar. Take some time for yourself to relax and recharge during this zany time of the year.


The bottom line

Pedicures aren’t just for warm weather. They’re an essential way to maintain your health while enjoying a little TLC.



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